Man shoots at neighbour over dog-sitting dispute

A man in Uddevalla went to collect his dog from a neighbour in the early hours of Sunday morning. But when the dog was not returned the man opened fire with a shotgun.

From a position within the stairwell of the house in Uddevalla, a town north of Gothenburg in western Sweden, the man aimed straight at his neighbour’s door and fired several shots.

Another neighbour who inquired as to what was going on was in turn threatened.

“Suddenly he was looking down the barrel of the gun,” said Thomas Sjöberg at Uddevalla police.

When police arrived at the scene they could see the armed gunman wandering up and down the stairwell. But suddenly he emerged from the building, unarmed, and could be arrested without any further drama.

The man is in his forties and has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and making unlawful threats.

The shotgun and other evidence was collected from the scene.

The neighbour is reported to have escaped without any physical injury. But the man was suffering from shock and was attended to by ambulance personnel before spending the night with friends.

Sjöberg reports that the men are known to one another. They had partied together shortly before the argument over the dog spiralled into the shooting drama shortly after 12.30am on Sunday.

Both the gunman and the neighbour are known to police.

“But never for any serious offences only for minor affray,” Sjöberg said.

According to Sjöberg the canine at the centre of the drama is coping well under the circumstances.