Swede held in Colombia sends video message

Relatives of the 69-year-old Swedish man kidnapped in Colombia in 2007 have received a video message from him.

“We saw the film with mixed feelings”, the man’s son said to Norrbottens-Kuriren.

On May 16th of 2007 the man and his Colombian partner were taken from their home, 350 kilometres north of Bogota, by armed men. After a few days the woman escaped.

The man’s son told the newspaper that his father seemed in reasonably good spirits, but that he had lost some weight.

A doctor who saw the film concluded that it looked as if the man had suffered from a stroke. The man conceded in the film that he was “sick”.

According to the son his father is being held captive by a faction within the Colombia guerilla group Farc. He was unwilling to confirm whether negotiations had begun over the issue of a ransom.

Relatives of the man have confirmed that they will now try to get in contact with Ingrid Betancourt, the French-Colombian politician who was held captive by Farc for an extended period.

“Through her we hope to be able to get an idea of how things work down there.”