Cop’s craving uncovers contraband cigarettes

Cop's craving uncovers contraband cigarettes
When a police officer was offered two different prices for a pack of cigarettes at a tobacco store in southern Sweden, he put his nicotine craving aside and called for backup.

The officer had casually stopped at a tobacconist’s to purchase a pack of cigarettes on Saturday afternoon, the Sydsvenskan newspaper reports.

Much to the officer’s surprise, the man behind the counter offered two alternatives, one significantly cheaper than the other.

His suspicions roused, the officer decided he could do without the cigarettes and instead called his colleagues at the Malmö police department, who arrived shortly thereafter armed with a search warrant.

“The cheap alternative was to buy cigarettes which weren’t taxed in Sweden,” said Ronny Holmberg of the Malmö police to Sydsvenskan.

During their raid on the tobacco shop, police confiscated cigarettes worth “several thousand” kronor, as well as a collapsible baton which requires a police permit to possess.

“We have two suspects, the owner and an accomplice. The accomplice was aware of what they were selling and we’re assuming the owner was too,” said Holmberg.