UK snow storm causes delays at Swedish airports

UK snow storm causes delays at Swedish airports
Flights from Sweden’s major airports have been hit by lengthy delays and cancellations as snowstorms swept across western Europe and the UK on Monday.

Passengers heading to Paris and London can expect especially long delays, reports the Svenska Dabgladet (SvD) newspaper.

Both British Airways and Scandinavian airline SAS have cancelled flights destined for London due to snow, with other flights to the British capital being delayed up to six hours.

“The plane that was supposed to leave for Heathrow at 7.50am is now six hours late. But the weather doesn’t appear to be getting any better, so I’m not sure how things will look later,” said SAS spokesperson Linda Sjödin to SvD.

Snow has also caused delays as Skavsta airport in Nyköping south of Stockholm, and at Gothenburg’s Landvetter airport.

The delays are due to what authorities in the UK are calling the heaviest snowfall in years.

The storm has created chaos in the country’s transit system, with 15 centimetres of snow already on the ground with more expected throughout the day.

Both Gatwick and London City Airport were temporarily shut down on Sunday, and on Monday, London’s Heathrow airport was operating with only one runway.

Both Stanstead and Gatwick have also warned of delays and cancellations throughout the day on Monday.