Teacher fined following beer run for 15-year-olds

A Stockholm-area middle school teacher who purchased beer for two 15-year-old girls has been sentenced to 7,500 kronor ($900) in fines.

Solna District Court handed down the sentence despite the 38-year-teacher’s contention that she hadn’t committed any crime, reports the Metro newspaper.

The incident took place more than years ago when the girls were in their last year of middle school.

The two teenagers had succeeded in convincing their now 38-year-old teacher to meet them outside a liquor store after school and purchase two bags full of beer and strong cider on their behalf.

It is illegal for people under 20 years of age to purchase alcohol in Sweden, although it is legal those aged 18 and above to consume alcoholic beverages.

In handing down the sentence, the court said the 15-year-olds’ story was credible, and cited text mobile phone text message communications which supported their version of events.

At the time the offence was reported, the teacher’s former colleagues also reported that she had purchased alcohol for students on several occasions, and had also handed out cigarettes to students during recess.