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Gothenburg club and concert tips: Saturday, Feb 7

The Djungeltrumman club editor's tips.


Address: Rösa Sten, Röda Sten

10pm – 3am

80 kronor

Age: 20 and over (18 if you ask nicely)


Do you remember the cruel way your high school days would push you up against a wall as soon as the dancing started? Do you also remember the euphoric feeling you got when you actually dared venture out onto the dancefloor and got to feel another person’s skin against your own? That is the feeling Big Love Crew and Teenage Flashback Organisation are striving for with their school discos at Röda Sten. Lots of classics on the sound system and even the occasional pink tie.


Movie theme.


Address: Orgia, Storgatan 47

10pm – 5am

Free entry

Age: 23 and over

In Gothenburg there is a widespread notion that the people who party on Avenyn and those of us who don’t somehow have a hard time getting along. There are even those who would content that there exists an unspoken beef between the two camps. But little Orgia is the place that confounds all preconceived notions and makes us realize that the unifying element on the nightclub scene – alcohol – even transcends the invisible border that marks the start of Avenyn.

Styrbord Babord

Address: Styrbord Babord, Kungsportsplatsen 1

11pm – 4am

80 kronor

Age: 23 and over


Styrbord Babord is the highly appropriate name given to Uppåt Framåt’s Aveny-based spawn. For those of you not acquainted with the place, we can inform you that it floats on actual water. It’s a bit like a barge equipped with a never-ending party, champagne, exciting new dance music and an audience that is mixed and positive.


DJ Kaos.

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