Lewd crank calls lead to arrest of Karlstad man

Lewd crank calls lead to arrest of Karlstad man
A 59-year-old man in Karlstad in western Sweden has been arrested on suspicion of molestation and sexual molestation after making more than 300 lewd crank calls to the SOS Alarm emergency calls service.

Police raided the man’s home on Saturday evening, arrested the 59-year-old and confiscated his telephones.

“We have not yet managed to interview him. So we do not know why he did it,” Thore Persson at Karlstad police said to the news agency TT.

“He has spent two, three days ringing the emergency switchboard and said a load of smutty things down the telephone. The case concerns between 300 and 350 telephone calls.”

The man is now suspected of harassment and sexual molestation.

“The climax came during Friday evening. We then decided to report the man to police. The worst case scenario would be if such a call would block a genuine 112 emergency call. But is also a question of our operators’ work environment,” said Torbjörn Halldin at SOS Alarm in Karlstad.