Escaped kangaroo freezes to death south of Stockholm

Police in Stockholm received a report Monday morning of a dead kangaroo lying in a ditch in the village of Sorunda south of the city.

“The animal was seen by a passerby near the side of a small road,” police spokesperson Björn Engström told The Local.

“We weren’t sure about the report when we first heard it, so we sent out a patrol to investigate whether the dead animal really was a kangaroo.”

According to Engström, officers on the scene ascertained that the dead animal was in fact a kangaroo.

“It hadn’t been hit by a car,” he said.

“It likely died from being out in the cold weather. We don’t know how long it may have been on the loose.”

Police subsequently learned of a man in the area who owns several kangaroos.

“We believe the animal escaped from its pen,” said Engström.

Police are now looking into Sweden’s rules regarding the pet care and ownership to determine if the owner has broken any regulations.

Speaking later with the TT news agency, police spokesperson Joakim Caryll confirmed that the kangaroo froze to death after managing to escape from its owner’s pen.