Prison for kidnappers who fell asleep on the job

Two kidnappers who fell asleep while holding two men hostage in a hotel room in Helsingborg in western Sweden have each been sentenced to five years in prison.

The incident took place in October 2008 when the suspects took the two victims, aged 26 and 33-years-old, to a barricaded hotel room in Helsingborg.

The two victims, both of whom also have criminal records, told the court they had been robbed, assaulted, and forced to follow the assailants to a hotel room where the kidnappers demanded 250,000 kronor ($31,000), the Helsingborgs Dagblad newspaper reports.

While in the hotel room, the kidnappers fired two shots in the direction of the victims and threatened to cut off one of the man’s fingers.

After six hours in the barricaded hotel room, the kidnappers fell asleep, at which point the two victims were able to escape to a nearby petrol station and call police.

Two of the kidnappers were convicted of kidnapping and assault.

A third suspect in the case is awaiting sentencing pending the completion of a psychiatric evaluation.

The motive behind the kidnapping remains unclear.

The Helsingborg District Court believes the explanations given during the hearing are unlikely, instead believing that the victims’ version of events is credible.