Police continue hunt for suspect in ‘execution’-style killing

A 29-year-old man wanted in connection with a fatal shooting in the village of Brålanda in western Sweden on Wednesday remains at large.

Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the man on suspicions of murder or manslaughter for the killing of a 46-year-old man who was shot dead at his home on Wednesday afternoon.

According to Trollhättan police commissioner Thord Haraldsson, the victim was shot with a shotgun.

“He died instantly. It was an execution, plain and simple,” Haraldsson told the TT news agency.

The motive behind the killing is still under investigation, but the 29-year-old suspect had previously had a relationship with a child of the victim.

There are also eye-witness accounts of the incident. According to Haraldsson, “relatives” – he wouldn’t specify how many – saw what happened and fled from the building.

Haraldsson also reported that several shots were fired.

Police carried out search warrants at several locations late Wednesday night in their hunt to find the 29-year-old, but without any results.

“We continue to gather information in order to search more places,” said Haraldsson.

The victim has school-age children and this morning the school’s principal met with the staff to inform them about what had happened.

A welfare officer, the school nurse, and three people from the municipalities support unit were on hand at the school to provide assistance to those who needed it.