What’s on in Sweden: February 13 – 19

What's on in Sweden: Valentine's burlesque and Zoom Kaboom in Stockholm; Anna Ternheim in Gothenburg; new-traditional Slovak dance in Malmö

What's on in Sweden: February 13 - 19
Photo: Nicklas Dennermalm


Burlesque weekend with the Chesty Morgan Orchestra

Take a shot of Edith Piaf, a dash of Yma Sumac, a smidgeon of gypsy, mambo and tango and a healthy dose of burlesque cabaret, all displayed on a smorgasbord of Russian classics. Then you have an idea of what the multilingual Chesty Morgan Orchestra is all about.

If the night takes your fancy why not return on Saturday for Södra Teatern’s Hootchy Kootchy Club: Animal Amore – when it is promised that jungle fever will break out.

Price: 160 kronor on Friday & 150 kronor on Saturday

Time: Friday February 13th, 8.30pm & Saturday February 14th, 9pm

Tickets: Södra Teatern Tickets

Location: Kägelbanan, Södra Teatern, Mosebacketorg 1-3

More information: Södra Teatern

I’m from Barcelona

I’m from Barcelona is a Swedish indiepop group consisting of 28 musicians from Jönköping. Known for its eclectic mix of instruments such as clarinets, saxophones, flutes, trumpets, banjos and the like.

The band is named as homage to Manuel, a character played by British comedian Andrew Sachs in the BBC’s Fawlty Towers.

They released a follow up to their 2006 debut album “Let Me Introduce My Friends” entitled “Who Killed Harry Houdini” in 2008 featuring the French singer Soko.

Price: 120 kronor

Time: Friday February 13th, 7pm

Tickets: Debaser Tickets

Location: Debaser Medis, Medborgaplatsen 8

More information: I’m from Barcelona at Debaser

Zoom Kaboom – one for the kids

Zoom Kaboom is a dance performance for children by Neurotransmission Dance Company.

The story is about discovering and confronting your fears, whether you are a child scared of the dark, bullies or monsters…or an adult moving to a new country, or setting up your own company….& sharing your fears to find the superhero within yourself to face the challenges life throws at you.

The predominantly visual dance performance has a small amount of Swedish language dialogue.

Tickets : free – available beforehand from the Källhall Library

Location: Kalhälls Folkets hus, Gjutarplan 2, Kallhäll, Järfälla

Date: Saturday February 14th 2009

Time: 12:00

Contemporary on Ice

Over three winter days the Moderna Dansteater transforms the ice rink in Stockholm’s Kungsträdgården into Sweden’s coolest dance stage.

Ice dance meets contemporary dance bringing together some of Sweden’s most interesting choreographers and dancers.

Price: Free of charge

Time: Thursday February 12th, 5.30pm, Friday February 13th, 5.30pm & Saturday February 14th, 5.30pm

Location: Kungsträdgården

More information: Moderna Dansteatern


Anna Ternheim

Swedish singer-songwriter Anna Ternheim continues her tour to promote her new album, “Leaving on a mayday”. She will be playing at Gothenburg’s Konserthuset on Sunday.

Price: 295 kronor

Time: Sunday February 15th, 7.30pm

Tickets: Anna Ternheim Tickets

Location: Göteborgs Konserthus, Götaplatsen

More information: Göteborgs Konserthus

Soundtrack of Our Lives

The Soundtrack of Our Lives is a Swedish rock band formed in 1995. Their third album “Behind the Music” gained them widespread recognition in the USA.

The band’s tour promoting its third studio album “Communion” arrives in Gothenburg Saturday.

The group can also be seen at Malmö’s KB on Friday.

Price: 350 kronor

Time: Saturday February 14th, 8pm

Tickets: Soundtrack of Our Lives Tickets

Location: Trädgårn, Nya Allén 11

More Information: Trädgårn

Bollywood exhibition

What with Danny Boyle’s suburb film “Slumdog Millionaire” gaining plaudits worldwide, it seems only natural that Gothenburg’s Museum of World Culture would launch a Bollywood exhibition.

Films, dance shows and real Bollywood stars and singers, help you to find answers to what has made the Bombay film industry just so huge.

Price: Free entry

Time: Saturday February 7th – Sunday September 27th

Location: Museum of World Culture, Södravägen 54

More information: Museum of World Culture


Crystal Antlers (US)

Debaser call the California quintet a “dream” booking and declare “love at first sight”.

“Like a hip Mastodon or Les Savy Fav in top gear.” – well that’s your Valentine’s date sorted, all good people of Malmö.

Price: Free until 10pm, then 90 kronor

Time: Saturday February 14th, 7pm

Tickets: On the door

Location: Debaser, Norra Parkgatan 2

More Information: Debaser

Les SlovaKs Dance Collective

After fifteen years of dancing together, and seven years of living together, the Belgium-based Les SlovaKs present their first collective dance performance.

Joined by a personal and cultural history, they present a sweeping piece of new-traditional dance, with a generous dash of poetry. It reflects their love for dance and for each other. A refined ode to their roots…

Price: 160 kronor (80 kronor for concessions)

Time: Tuesday February 17th, 7.30pm

Location: Dansstationen, Palladium, Södergatan 15


More Information: Dansstationen

For members


WHAT’S ON: Events for English-speakers in Sweden in February

It's a good idea to go out and socialize during the dark Scandinavian winter. But where to go? Here's an overview of events taking place for English speakers in Sweden for February 2020.

WHAT'S ON: Events for English-speakers in Sweden in February
Looking for a fun activity to brighten up February? Priscilla du Preez / Unsplash


English Debate Club

Where: Cafe Dox, Stora Nygatan 31, Gamla Stan, 111 27

When: February 4th, 6pm – 8pm

Event by: The English Debate Club

The English Debate Club in Stockholm is a place where people can improve their English language and debating skills. Native English speakers who would like to brush up on their debating skills are also welcome. The event is free to attend.

Spanish tapas gastronomic workshop

Where: Ekhagsvägen 44, Östermalm

When: February 4th, 10am – 1:30pm

Event by: Anna Fernandez

Are you looking for some sunlight in the dark Swedish winter? Dive into the Mediterranean cuisine during this cooking workshop where you'll get started with Spanish tapas. Among other things, Spanish artichokes, tortilla and prawns are on the menu, and tickets are 950 kronor. 

Architecture, Food trends and Microgreens seminar 

Where:   Gärdesgatan 14, Stockholm 

When: February 6th, 5pm – 9pm

Event by: Istituto Italiano di Cultura Stoccolma

The Italian Trade Agency is organizing a seminar about sustainability, social engagement and the new shape of local production in the food industry. The event is part of the Stockholm Design Week, running from February 3rd to 9th. Anyone interested in developments in sustainable food production is welcome at the Italian Cultural Institute.

Workshop: What You Need to Thrive As a Freelancer and Entrepreneur

Where: Frey's Hotel Lilla Radmannen, Rådmansgatan 67

When: February 13th, 3.30pm – 5pm

Event by: Supreneur

For many people, the freedom of working as a freelancer is a dream. But what do you need to make your start as a freelancer or entrepreneur a success? This workshop promises to give you the necessary knowledge and tools to create a flying start with your projects. The events costs 120 kronor plus VAT per person.

How To Fall In Love, an improvised romantic comedy

Where: Pygméteatern, Vegagatan 17, 113 29 

When: February 14th and 15th

Event by: Half the Group

The show 'How to Fall in Love' is billed as “a romantic comedy that has never been seen before”. The performance is improvised and based on suggestions from the audience. Enjoy a Valentine's celebration with a difference at the Pygméteatern. Tickets are 200 kronor.

Old School Recreational Dodgeball

Where: Location available after registration

When: February 15th, 2pm – 4pm

Event by: Sport Friends Stockholm

Sport is a good way to meet new people in Sweden, and dodgeball may be familiar to you from school. It's a ball game where players from two different teams try to throw balls at each other while preventing them from being hit themselves. If you get hit, you're out. Attendance costs 50 kronor to cover the cost of venue hire.

Milo Edwards: Pindos

Where: Bacchi´s Pub och Restaurang, 5 Järntorgsgatan, 111 29 Södermalm

When: February 10th, 8pm – 10pm

Event by: Milo Edwards

Comedian Milo Edwards is taking his award-winning comedy show 'Pindos' to the Swedish capital. The show is about his experiences with living in Russia, where he “became a Russian TV star, got arrested in deepest Russia and discovered what happens when a country is run by a shirtless man on a horse”. Buy tickets via the Eventbrite site.


Joe Eagan presents: Malmö English Comedy Night

Where: Scandic Triangeln, Triangeln 2, 211 43

When: February 7th, 8pm – 10pm

Event by: English Comedy Malmö

This event marks the start of a new season of English Comedy Night at Scandic Triangeln. This show welcomes acts Stephen Carlin (Scotland) and Rahul Kohli (UK). Tickets cost 175 kronor for early bird tickets and 195 kronor for regular tickets.


Start your own business

Where: Ekska Huset, Sankt Petri Kyrkogata 4, Lund

When: February 6th, 1pm – 5pm

Event by: International Citizens Hub Lund

During this event Åsa Ohlsson from Coompanion Skåne and Helén Forssander from Lund Nyföretagarcentrum tell you all the ins and outs around starting your own business. What do you need to start your own company? And how to achieve success and build a network? You can join the event for free, but registration is compulsory.

Visit to Lund Cathedral

Where: Lund Cathedral, Kyrkogatan 4, Lund

When: February 21th, 10am – 11am

Event by: International Citizens Hub Lund

Did you know the cathedral in Lund is the most visited church in Sweden? The medieval building attracts over 700,000 visitors per year. The International Citizens Hub Lund is organizing a guided tour to this historic site. The event is free of charge, but you do have to register to attend.


Philosophy reading group: Essays in Love – Alain de Botton

Where: Svartbäcksgatan 19, 753 32 Uppsala

When: February 12th, 7pm – 8.30pm

Event by: Uppsala English Bookshop

The English Bookshop in Uppsala hosts several themed book clubs. This time the philosophy reading group is reading 'Essays in Love' by Alain de Botton. It costs 60 kronor for tea and cake, plus an extra 165 kronor if you want to buy the book. The event starts at 7pm, signing up for the event is possible by either dropping by the shop or contacting them via Facebook.


International Coffee Morning

Where: Cafe Birger – Bollbrogatan 1, 252 25 Helsingborg

When: February 11th, 9am – 10.30pm

Event by: Helsingborg International Connections

The International Coffee Morning in Helsingborg is a place to meet new friends and learn more about Helsingborg. The event is hosted every month at the library cafe near Stadsparken. Helsingborg International Connections organizes English-speaking events for the local international community more often and is available for anyone with questions about living, working and studying in Helsingborg.


Bear With Me comedy show

Where: Ågatan 39, 582 22 

When: February 13th, 8pm – 10pm

Event by: New York Legends

Three international comedians from Israel, Croatia and Russia join their forces at New York Legends in Linköping. The very well-reviewed show is about relationships, politics and the mysterious “Russian soul”. Tickets are 120 kronor online or 150 kronor (cash) at the door.


Thursday meetup and afterwork at a pub

Where: O'Learys – Skolgatan 64D

When: Thursday February 13th, 6pm – 8pm

Event by: Umeå Language & Culture Exchange

A meetup at a pub is always a good idea. The group 'Language & Culture Exchange' brings together native and non-native speakers of many different languages in the northern town of Umeå. Students, immigrants, expats or travellers are all welcome to join at the pub O'Learys at Skolgatan.


Yin Yoga in English

Where: Karl Johansgatan 84, 41455

When: Tuesday February 11th, 6.45pm – 7.30pm

Event by: Mindful Yoga

For those who need to become completely zen, you can go to Yin Yoga in Gothenburg. The lessons are taught in English. During the 75 min class, the focus will be on gaining flexibility and mobility and developing a habit of listening to your body.

Friday afterwork at Yaki Da

Where: Yaki-Da – Storgatan 47

When: Friday February 21th, 7pm – 1.30pm

Event by: Göteborg Expat Group

The Gothenburg Expats group organizes weekly events for internationals in the Swedish port city. The Friday afterwork is organized in the 'Yaki Da' pub. There is free pizza and drinks are half price 10pm.