Police officer suspended for ‘station whore’ jibe

A senior police officer in Kalmar in southern Sweden has been suspended for referring to a female colleague as the "station whore".

The commanding officer telephoned a police station in Kalmar county where a lower ranked female police officer worked.

“Where is the station whore?”, the man inquired before referring to his colleague by name.

The man has now been removed from his position of authority while his case is investigated by the national police disciplinary board.

Several officers reacted strongly to the commanding officer’s use of the epithet and he was eventually reported to the police-related crimes unit in Malmö in the late autumn, local newspaper Barometern reports.

The prosecutor at the unit opened a criminal investigation against the man but the case was soon closed as he was found to have no case to answer.

The case is now however in the hands of the national police disciplinary board who will consider if the man should be served with a fine, a warning or have his employment terminated.

He has in the meantime been allowed to continue to work as an assistant and the woman in question is thus obliged to meet the man from time to time in the course of her work.