Recession hits demand for prison produce

The recession has also hit demand for items produced at Sweden's prisons. Prisoners are now at risk of being left with idle hands.

“When companies can not sell then they have no need to turn to us to help with manufacture,” said Bertil Grönberg at the Swedish Prison and Probation Service (Kriminalvården) to Sveriges Radio Östergötland.

In recent years the prisons service has worked hard to encourage an increase in the level of activity among the inmates at Swedish prisons.

Everything from furniture to complicated steel constructions are currently manufactured at prison factories. But in recent months demand has declined dramatically.

The service is now canvassing current and prospective clients in order to boost sales and generate employment for the idle inmates.

“If we do not do something then we will have inmates with nothing to do. The director-general has told us to act quickly to nip the problem in the bud,” Grönberg said.