Man assaulted with axe outside Swedish hospital

A man leaving an emergency room in Varberg in western Sweden on Sunday night was forced to readmit himself after being attacked by axe-wielding robbers near the hospital.

One of the attackers swung the axe at the man’s body while the other delivered a punch to his face. They then took the victim’s bicycle and wallet.

The man who suffered the attack, which took place around 10.30pm, was able to return to the emergency room under his own power.

“At the hospital they said he suffered minor injuries,” said Halmstad police spokesperson Peter Lindencrona to the TT news agency.

Shortly after midnight, two 18-year-old men who fit the description of the attackers were arrested for breaking into a car, according to the Hallands Nyheter newspaper.

“They are now suspected of the robbery. Both were too drunk to be questioned during the night. We’ll interrogate them in the morning when they’ve sobered up,” a Halland police spokesperson told the newspaper.