Couple suspected of khat smuggling arrested in Malmö

Police in Malmö have arrested a man and a woman on narcotics charges after finding the pair had two suitcases filled with amphetamine-like substance khat.

Following a tip from customs officials, the two were apprehended after exiting a taxi around 2am on Thursday morning in Malmö’s Rosengård disctrict.

Something arose the customs officials’ suspicions when the couple crossed the Öresund Bridge connecting Sweden to Denmark.

Acting on the tip, police followed the taxi as it drove into Malmö.

The two were arrested on suspicions of drugs offences, according to the Malmö police department. The couple’s bags contained less than 200 kilogrammes of the drug, which is the minimum amount required to be charged with serious drugs offences.

Neither the woman nor the man were carrying passports with them and both remained unidentified when questioning began early Thursday morning.


Swedish citizens arrested in Spain on drugs charges

Two people from Sweden have been arrested in Barcelona on suspicion of serious drugs and weapons offences.

Swedish citizens arrested in Spain on drugs charges
File photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT

The pair were detained at the request of the Swedish police and have already been charged in absentia in the Scandinavian country.

Authorities in Sweden have been searching for the two suspects since the autumn of last year, news agency TT reports.

“We have been looking for them for a long time and they are suspected of belonging to a criminal network in northwestern Stockholm,” Mats Lindström of Stockholm Police said in a press statement.

“The Spanish police have assisted us in this work and they are now under arrest,” Lindström added.

The process for extradition of the two arrested individuals to Sweden has been initiated.

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