Drunken ‘rescuer’ smashes snowmobile into tree

A mountain rescuer from western Sweden has been relieved of his duties after attempting a rescue while under the influence.

The call for help came last Thursday from two women suffering from exhaustion in the peaks of Härjedalen.

Several hours later a mountain rescuer arrived on snowmobile.

But the man’s odd behaviour made the women wonder whether or not he was sober enough to carry out the rescue, the Länstidning newspaper reported.

Their suspicions were confirmed moments later when the drunken would-be rescuer slammed his snow scooter into a tree trying to haul the women down the mountain on a sled.

Concerned for their safety, the women returned to their tent and placed another call to the mountain rescue service, which yielded better results.

The drunken rescuer also managed to find his way out of the mountains, but not before getting stuck yet again.

He was subsequently asked to leave the mountain rescue team altogether.

“He obviously should have declined the mission by explaining that he wasn’t sober,” said Östersund police spokesperson Bengt Stadin to the newspaper.