Cyanide found in drinking water near Sandvik plant

Elevated levels of cyanide in the water near Sandviken in eastern Sweden caused toolmaker Sandvik to warn its employees not to drink the water on Monday.

Tests performed on samples taken from water near the Sandvik Materials Technology plant on January 27th revealed a presence of cyanide 20 times above recommended levels.

But the company did its best to assure employees who had consumed water in recent weeks that there was nevertheless a low risk of poisoning.

“We’ve been in contact with the poison information centre and they say that there isn’t a high risk for poisoning at these levels,” said Sandvik Materials Technology spokesperson Lena Berg to the Gefle Dagbladet newspaper.

She added that the company isn’t sure if the test was a one-time occurrence or if cyanide levels in the water remain high.

As of Monday night, there was still no information as to what may have caused the high cyanide readings.