German media welcomes royal engagement

The engagement of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling is big news in Germany, where newspapers take a close interest in the activities of the Swedish royals.

German media welcomes royal engagement

“It might be that half the country is on holiday here for Shrove Tuesday the last day of Karneval, but the news about Princess Victoria is being widely covered in Germany,” said Marc Young, editor of The Local Germany.

The Swedish royals are particularly popular in Germany, largely due to the fact that Queen Silvia has German roots. Bild, Germany’s most popular tabloid, splashed the news of the engagement over the top of its website.

“The Germans have quite an extensive range of royals, but since the country is a republic, they do tend to have a vicarious interest in the blue-bloods in the rest of Europe. The Swedish royal family is quite popular here because the Queen is considered half German and the rest of the family speak the language fairly well,” said Marc Young.

Sweden’s royals have frequently clashed with German tabloids over false stories regarding the younger members of the family. German magazines have claimed, among other things, that Princess Madeleine had sworn love for Britain’s Prince William over Princess Diana’s grave and that Victoria had been given a secret ‘love island’ by the King.

Last year, the royal court sued two German publishers over 100 fake texts referring to the Crown Princess and her sister, Princess Madeleine.

Coverage of the wedding in the major newspapers has so far been somewhat more respectful. At the more serious end of the spectrum, conservative daily Die Welt praised Victoria:

“She’s considered modest, unpretentious, hard-working, driven – and now Crown Princess Victoria’s determination will fulfill her most heart-felt wish,” it reported.

But other parts of the press are highlighting Westling’s humble origins and that he might not be ‘good enough’ for Princess Victoria. The sensationalist Bild said ‘Sweden is thrilled about a dream wedding’ but then followed with ‘HE is a fitness trainer, SHE is the future Queen of Sweden.’


Swedish Crown Princess and Prince catch Covid-19 for the second time

Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel have both tested positive for Covid-19 for the second time, although the pair have very mild cold symptoms.

Swedish Crown Princess and Prince catch Covid-19 for the second time
Both Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel have tested positive for Covid-19. Photo: TT

Sweden’s Royal Court announced that Prince Daniel had tested positive in a press release issued on Sunday, while Crown Princess Victoria’s second infection was revealed in another release on Saturday.

The royal couple, who are both fully vaccinated, first tested positive for the virus in March last year, and have only mild symptoms. 


According to the press releases Prince Daniel was suffering “very mild symptoms and feels well”, while Princess Victoria has “the symptoms of a cold but otherwise feels well”.  

The couple are both now isolating in Haga Palace in the north of Stockholm, where they have lived since 2010. 

Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, who are triple-vaccinated, both tested positive on Tuesday. The couple are now symptom-free, but are continuing their isolation at Drottningholm Palace to the west of Stockholm. 

Prince Carl Philip, Victoria’s younger brother, and his wife Princess Sofia were the first Swedish royals to test positive in November 2020.