Saab production grinds to a halt

Saab production grinds to a halt
All production ceased at Saab's Trollhättan plant on Wednesday after it emerged that the embattled Swedish car maker had failed to pay customs duties.

The Swedish Customs agency has blocked the transportation of all goods to and from the company as Saab’s payment problems intensify, newspaper Göteborgs-Posten reports.

Saab’s production manager Gunnar Brunius confirmed that the company was unable to manufacture any more cars after the customs agency blocked the importation of parts needed in the plant.

“But I’m expecting we’ll be able to resolve this over the course of Wednesday evening,” he told news agency TT.

“The Customs Agency is holding onto our goods. I have received no indications about us being unable to pay,” Brunius added.

The customs block encompasses all goods on their way to Saab from countries outside the European Union, according to Hans Ohlsson from Swedish Customs, who said Saab owed a “considerable” sum of money.

The Customs agency’s move comes just days after Saab applied for bankruptcy protection.

According to Ohlsson, Saab now has the option of either finding the money somewhere or finding somebody who will pay the debt on their behalf.

“They would have to pay all of Saab’s credit. Saab is not getting a penny of credit from us,” he said.