Poll: wedding boosts Sweden’s monarchy

Poll: wedding boosts Sweden's monarchy
The engagement of Swedish Crown Princess Victoria to her former gym instructor Daniel Westling has boosted the monarchy's popularity, a new survey from Sifo shows.

Of the 1,000 people surveyed in the Sifo poll, published in the Aftonbladet newspaper, 15 percent have gained a more positive outlook on the royal family as a result of the pending royal wedding.

Only two percent have become less positive, while 82 percent have not changed their view.

“Women have clearly become more positive,” according to Ingemar Boklund at Sifo to the newspaper.

The highest concentration of support for the monarchy is among women aged 65 and older. Fully 86 percent of this group favour retaining the monarchy and only seven percent think that it should be abolished.

The corresponding figure for the whole population is 74 percent in favour of the monarchy and 15 percent for its abolition.

The strongest opposition is among men aged 30-49-years-old. Among this group around 20 percent are in favour of abolishing the institution.

The Crown Princess’ choice of Daniel Westling gains strong support among the Swedish people.

“The general picture from the survey is that there is strong backing for Daniel, there are not many that consider him to be the wrong person,” Boklund said.

According to the survey only 10 percent consider it wrong for Westling to gain the title of prince. 61 percent are positive.