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Malmö club and concert tips: Saturday, Feb 28

The Djungeltrumman club editor's tips.


Address: Debaser Malmö, Norra Parkgatan 2

7pm – 3am

90 kronor (Free until 10pm)

Age: 20 and over

Nerds and dorks also want to be able to party without risk of having a bucket of pigs’ blood poured over them like in the movie Carrie. This autumn they’ll find a refuge at Debaser, where mingle girl Sanna and musical fascist Madeleine are creating a bullying free zone, with indie, experimental, lo-fi, indietronica and shoegaze emanating from the speakers. Sports jocks and cheerleaders are not welcome here.

So tough, so cute!

Address: Retro, Norra Skolgatan 24

11pm – 3am

Free entry

Age: 20 and over


An indie party means lots of looking out from under a fringe, slightly spastic dance moves and, of course, wonderful pop music. The club aspiring to be tough and cute at the same time plays twee, indie, new wave, soul and everything else that falls under the category sugary and obscure. Sharpen your mascara, slip on your Allstars, and head for Retro.


Address: A2, Adelgatan 2

11pm 4am

100 kronor (50 kronor until midnight)

Age: 20 and over


There was quite a fanfare when gay club Wonk Deep moved into the new surroundings of A2. But have no fear: Wonk is still very much Wonk. World-renowned DJs do their stuff on three dancefloors: schlager, pop and house. Sip a Sex on the Beach, join in the Karaoke, try out the strippers pole and make yourself at home. PS: Free entry for drag queens.

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