What’s on in Sweden: February 27 – March 5

What's on in Sweden: February 27 - March 5
What's on in Sweden: J.Tillman & world class dance in Stockholm; Timo Räisänen in Gothenburg; Frida Hyvönen in Malmö


J.Tillman (US)

US artist J Tillman, known as the drummer in the Fleet Foxes, plays timeless folk rock with his heart firmly in roots/country and blues.

J.Tillman has released five solo albums and is at Södra Teatern to promote his latest offering “Vacilando Territory Blues”.

He will also be performing on “Popcirkus” which is filmed at Debaser Medis earlier in the evening.

Price: 160 kronor

Time: Wednesday March 4th, 8pm

Tickets: J Tillman Tickets

Location: Södra Teatern, Mosebacke torg 1-3

More information: Södra Teatern

Russel Maliphant Company

World class choreographer Russel Maliphant visits Sweden and Dansens Hus with a performance entitled ” Flux, Small Boats, Push” – a three-part night of world class art and dance.

Maliphant began his career dancing with the likes of DV8 Physical Theatre and the Saddler’s Wells Royal Ballet. His unique style is a mix of martial arts and performance theatre and his latest work is billed as the “dance event of the year”.

Price: 270 kronor (135 kronor concessions)

Time: Friday February 27th & Saturday February 28th, 7pm; Sunday March 1st, 3pm

Tickets: Russel Maliphant Company Tickets

Location: Dansens Hus, Barnhusgatan 12-14

More information: Dansens Hus

Ann Eringstam – Story Line

Ann Eringstam is a photographer who finds inspiration from the Utopian images of mankind conveyed in the world of cinema and popular culture.

Erinstam discusses concepts such as identity, norms and ideals in her photographs and video works.

In this exhibition she demands that the hero takes responsibility for her deeds.

Price: Free of charge

Time: Until Sunday March 22nd

Location: Kulturhuset, Sergels torg

More information: Ann Eringstam

Milk – Oscar for best male lead

Well, finally, the Swedish public gets to have a look at the major Oscar winning films. First up this weekend is Milk starring Sean Penn who claimed a gong at the gala to beat all film galas, for his leading role.

Milk is a life-affirming, witty and uplifting film about Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to achieve a significant political post in the USA.

Price: 100 kronor

Time: From Friday February 27th, various times

Tickets: Milk Tickets

Location: At a SF cinema near you

More Information: Milk Movie


Judas Priest (UK)

Since the heart of the 1970s Judas Priest have been one of the flag bearers for the heavy metal genre.

20 million records sold and still going strong.

Megadeth and Testament in support.

Price: 515 kronor

Time: Sunday March 1st, 7.30pm

Tickets: Judas Priest Tickets

Location: Scandinavium, Skånegatan

More information: Judas Priest

Timo Räisänen

Timo Räisänen has been described as a “little happy pill from Gothenburg”. He is a solo artist with some interesting things to say and an ear for tune.

Räisänen’s latest offering “…And Then There Was Timo” has gone down well in some circles.

Price: 230 kronor

Time: Wednesday March 4th, 8pm

Tickets: Timo Räisänen Tickets

Location: Stora Salongen, Storan, Kungsparken 1

More Information: Storan


Frida Hyvönen

Mystic northern Swedish singer-songwriter Frida Hyvönen is fast becoming one of that select group of artists that needs no introduction.

Hyvönen made her breakthrough will the sublime “Until Death Comes” in 2005. Her third studio album, “Silence is Wild”, released in 2008, has been given a standing ovation by the critics.

Price: 200 kronor

Time: Wednesday March 4th, 9pm

Tickets: Frida Hyvönen Tickets

Location: Kulturmejeriet, Stora Södergatan 64, Lund

More Information: Kulturmejeriet

Hanna Boel (DK)

Malmö residents get their chance to see Hanna Boel on Friday.

With her new album “A New Kinda Soul”, Boel has shown that she deserves the title of Denmark’s soul queen.

Boel has tried her hand at pretty much every singing style available and has released more than 10 studio albums.

“A New Kinda Soul” catches her at the peak of her powers and now could just be the best time to experience her brand of Scandinavian soul.

Price: 395 kronor

Time: Friday February 27th, 7.30pm

Tickets: Hanna Boel Tickets

Location: Malmö Konserthus, Föreningsgatan 35

More Information: Malmö Konserthus

World class photography – Jonsson meets Goldblatt

Swedish photography legend Sune Jonsson in this Malmö Konsthall exhibition And time becomes a marvellous thing has with his camera explored, depicted and documented life, especially in the villages of northern Sweden.

Like frozen moments in time, Jonsson’s photographs document an age that feels lost but is actually close at hand.

The work of South Africa born David Goldblatt is at the same time presented in Intersection Intersected.

His work explores the meaning of built and human structures in South Africa. His pictures give a face to the social structures of the apartheid regime of oppression.

Set side by side the work of these two artists shows an interesting contrast in styles and subjects.

Price: Admission free

Time: Sune Jonsson until March 22nd and David Goldblatt until May 10th, 2009

Location: Malmö Konsthall, S:t Johannesgatan 7

More Information: Malmö Konsthall