Danish gang war spills over into Malmö

A Danish gangster has been remanded into custody on suspicion of blackmail by a Malmö court as police fear that a Copenhagen gang war is spilling over onto the southern Swedish city's streets.

A 22-year-old member of the Denmark-based immigrant motorcycle gang the Black Cobras was remanded into custody by Malmö district court on Tuesday on suspicion of trying to extort 200,000 kronor ($22,000) from a local car retailer.

Two other men are also in custody for the same offence.

Police in Malmö fear that a gang war in the Danish capital of Copenhagen has spilled over into the streets of the city and that the Black Cobras are busy establishing themselves on the Swedish side of the Öresund straight.

According to the car retailer, the three men approached him demanding the money or he would run into trouble. The men are reported to have displayed their Black Cobras logo in order to “shake up” the businessman.

The man refused to pay and instead contacted the police. A trap was set for the trio who, according to the prosecutor, were captured on police video threatening the retailer.

The Black Cobras are sworn enemies of the Hells Angels and are, according to a report in local newspaper Sydsvenskan, one of the largest criminal gangs in Denmark, after the Hells Angels and Bandidos.

A gang war has broken out between rival gangs in Copenhagen recently with arson attacks, shootings and several murders linked to the conflict.

The scale of the Black Cobras’ presence in Sweden is as yet unknown and police confirm that open conflict with the Hells Angels in Sweden has not yet occurred.

“This is in a early phase. We are collecting information on them,” a police source told the newspaper.