The Pirate Bay’s Sunde to join Sweden’s Green Party

Peter Sunde, one of the four men charged in The Pirate Bay trial, has announced that he is becoming a member of Sweden’s Green Party.

The Pirate Bay's Sunde to join Sweden's Green Party

“Integration, privacy, equality, freedom of speech, and the environment are some of the issues which I care deeply about,” writes Sunde on his blog.

“The party which I today feel is most right for me is the Green Party. Even if I am maybe a bit more to the left then their average voter, they are pushing many important issues and have a sound internal structure which gives me the feeling that I can have an influence.”

Sunde posted his political affiliation on his blog at the same time that the trial against The Pirate Bay came to a close on Wednesday.

While Sunde and the three others charged in the case await their verdict, expected to be handed down on April 17th, he believes it’s time to take a political stand.

Sunde writes that he is “rather to the left in my ideals” but has now chosen to be a member of the Green Party, where he hopes he can help influence the party to go more toward the left.

He also writes that the hopes that “the party can see me as an asset”.

Magnus Johansson, the head of the Green Party’s governing board, was circumspect about news of Sunde’s decision to join the party.

“We have many members and membership is growing. We welcome people who want to engage in the issues and share the basic values we have,” he said.

“The trial creates circumstances which make this a bit more interesting for the general public, but as far as we’re concerned he’s a member just like any other.”

Sunde is of Norwegian and Finnish descent and is not a Swedish citizen, which may prevent any future career as a member of the Riksdag.