Ryanair to start bus route in Sweden: source

Ryanair has plans to compete for routes on the ground in Sweden, according to the head of the Flygbussarna coach service.

In the latest edition of a transit industry newsletter, the head of Flygbussarna Airport Coaches, Mikael Bergkvist, writes that the Ireland-based low fare airline has inked a contract with a small bus company in Sweden.

According to Bergkvist, Ryanair plans to use the buses to shuttle its passengers from Stockholm to the Skavsta and Västerås airports, the airline’s two destinations in the Stockholm area.

Ryanair flights make up a large percentage of the air traffic to Skavsta, which is located about 100 kilometres south of Stockholm near the town of Nyköping.

So far, Flygbussarna has been the only bus company serving the airport, but Bergkvist is confident his company can handle the competition.

“We serve the entire airport and all the airlines and drive to Norrköping, Linköping, Örebro and the Stockholm suburbs, as well,” he said.

In Västerås, about 100 kilometres west of Stockholm, there are already several bus companies which fly passengers to Uppsala and Arlanda, among other places.

Attempts by the TT news agency to reach Ryanair were unsuccessful.