Davis Cup protests underway in Malmö

Davis Cup protests underway in Malmö
Around 20 demonstrators braved the chilly morning temperatures in Malmö on Friday to protest against Sweden’s Davis Cup tennis match with Israel.

If enough protesters show up, they’ll do their best to try to postpone the day’s match, said one of them to the TT news agency.

The demonstrators are with the International Solidarity Movement, an international protest movement against Israel’s policies.

In the parking lot of the nearby Coop grocery store, opposite the stadium area, some of the protesters played tennis with plastic rackets, while others held up the Palestinian flag and pro-Palestinian banners.

The morning’s demonstration should be seen as the start of a series of protest actions, according to demonstrator Oscar Schön.

“If there are enough of us, we’ll try to block the entrance to the stadium area and, for example, try to make sure the match is postponed. But we aren’t going to use any violence,” he told TT.

Police helicopters are circling above the area and nearby there is a large police presence, as well as many journalists and photographers.