Police instructor suspended for sexually-charged role play

An instructor at a police academy in Stockholm has been suspended after having used degrading sexual innuendos in the training of female police cadets.

The incidents occurred about a year ago during training exercises designed to simulate a traffic stop which were part of an overall vehicle training programme, reports the Metro newspaper.

The specific simulation entailed the male instructor playing the role of a passenger, allowing the female cadets a chance to practice how they would handle different situations and behaviours involving stopped motorists.

In his role, the instructor continually interjected less-than-subtle sexual innuendos into the simulation, according to a complaint filed by the cadets.

“Blow now, because later you’re going up into the woods with me to blow on another trumpet,” the instructor is alleged to have said during a simulation when a female trainee in the role of a driver was asked by other cadets to take an alcohol breath test.

In another exercise focused on dealing with excuses for speeding, the instructor, playing the role of a speeding driver, told trainees he was speeding because he “was in rush because my Viagra is about to stop working”.

In a similar simulation, the instructor pretended to be a police cadet’s lover, explaining they had been speeding because they were headed to the woods “for a quickie.”

The instructor has been reassigned ahead of an expected investigation. If found to have committed misconduct, he risks having his salary docked, according to Metro.