Sweden braces for warm spring weather

The wintry conditions and snowfalls of recent weeks are set to give way to sunny skies and spring temperatures, according to Sweden's meteorological agency (SMHI).

Sweden braces for warm spring weather

Spring was declared in the southernmost reaches of Sweden on February 24th and next week other areas of southern Sweden including the Stockholm region are forecast to enjoy temperatures towards and above 10 degrees Celsius.

“There will be no more snow,” Sten Laurin at SMHI said to newspaper on Friday.

“Above zero temperatures will also be seen a good way up into Norrland over the coming days,” Laurin added.

SMHI defines the arrival of spring as when the average daytime temperature exceeds zero degrees Celsius on seven consecutive days.

SMHI has declared the arrival of spring in most of Götaland and in southern Svealand up to central Värmland and Mälardalen.

SMHI reports that by the beginning of May winter usually remains only in the mountainous area of the country.

Despite a general perception that this winter has been cold, SMHI reports in an analysis on its homepage that in fact it has been slightly warmer than usual. SMHI suggests that perhaps the public has forgotten what a real “bitter winter” feels like.