Teenage footballer dies during match

A 14-year-old boy died during a youth football match in Örebro in central Sweden on Sunday afternoon.

The boy’s cause of death remains unknown.

“He trapped a ball on his chest during the match, dribbled the ball and then suddenly fell to the ground. The attempted to resuscitate him on the scene, but he was taken to the university hospital in Örebro where he was declared dead,” said Birger Jonsson, chair of the Västmanland county football association.

The incident took place during a match between teams from Örebro and Västmanland county at Karlslund arena in Örebro.

According to Jonsson the boy collapsed in the second half, and he believed that the boy had played the entire match up to that point.

The boy wasn’t involved with a direct challenge for the ball when he collapsed.

What may have caused the boy’s death is still under investigation.

According to Jonsson, the boy didn’t have any known history of medical problems. He added that it will be up to medical experts to determine the cause of death.

The teams remaining players and families will be informed of the incident at a meeting of a Västmanland football association meeting in Västerås in central Sweden on Monday.