Police to quiz 8 year olds in sex crime probe

Police in Skåne in southern Sweden have begun investigating an eight-year-old boy's claims that he was sexually abused at school by boys his own age.

The boy at the centre of the investigation told staff at the school in January that he was the victim of sexual assaults perpetrated by two other boys. He named both of his alleged tormentors.

Staff at the school are also to come under investigation for failing to adequately look into the boy’s claims.

Only in exceptional cases will police in Sweden investigate suspicions of criminal actions carried out by young children. Initially, Malmö’s deputy chief prosecutor elected not to take up the case.

But after reexamining the details at hand, Chief Prosecutor Peter Herrting has now ordered a full police investigation. The seriousness of the allegations means that the young suspects will face police questioning.

The chief prosecutor has also argued that an investigation is necessary if the alleged victim is to be entitled to financial damages.

Police are also to investigate a Malmö Council employee for slander after a statement appeared on the council’s website dismissing the boy’s claims as “a rumour” that lacked any truth.