Hunter charged over toilet seat shooting

A hunter from western Sweden has been indicted on charges of endangering human life after accidentally shooting a toilet seat rather than the goose at which he had taken aim.

The 37-year-old from Ulricehamn was out hunting near the village of Hökerum when he spotted a goose by the lakeside, newspaper Borås Tidning reports.

But when the hunter missed his taget the bullet travelled 1.6 kilometres over Tolken Lake, past a couple of cottage owners and their guest, and straight into the toilet.

Shaken by the proximity of the bullet, the homeowners went inside from the balcony to assess the damage.

A broken toilet seat bore witness to the hunter’s poor marksmanship.

The 37-year-old however denies committing an offence, claiming it was highly unlikely that his shot could have reached the distant lavatory.