Opposition wants end to nuclear power

Opposition wants end to nuclear power
The three opposition parties have announced their intention to phase out Sweden's nuclear power capacity if they were to win the next election in 2010.

The four leaders of the Social Democrats, Green party and Left party – Mona Sahlin, Maria Wetterstrand, Peter Eriksson and Lars Ohly – write in an opinion article in Dagens Nyheter on Sunday that nuclear power should be replaced by renewable energy sources.

The shift to renewable energy sources should be undertaken with respect to the protection of “jobs and welfare”.

The four are at the same time critical of the government’s decision to suspend talks at reaching a cross-party agreement on energy policy.

“Our parties are eager for a broad energy policy agreement,” the party leaders write.

They therefore promise that if they were to win the next general election, scheduled in 2010, the Alliance parties would be invited to talks.

Furthermore the opposition leaders underlined the importance of the energy sector to Sweden’s industry and expressed an aim to ensure the production of an electricity surplus.

They refer to a report which indicates that Sweden is set to produce an electricity surplus, available for export, as a result of decisions already in force.

The opposition leaders say that Sweden’s energy policy should be reviewed every mandate period and that investments need to be made in more efficient energy use and reforms of the existing energy market.

“The government instead wants to build new nuclear power stations,” the four point out referring to a recent agreement by the Alliance parties to allow the construction of new nuclear power stations to replace those set for decommissioning.

The four argue that according to recent discussions held with the government, a decision on Sweden’s nuclear future did not need to be taken until 2015.