Woman charged over seduction of pupil

A teacher in Kungsbacka in western Sweden has been indicted on charges of sexual harassment after allegedly sending nude photos and trying to seduce a 16-year-old pupil.

Woman charged over seduction of pupil

Evidence to be used by prosecutors at Varberg district court includes photos of the woman in sexually provocative poses, which she allegedly sent to the boy’s mobile phone, as well as logs of internet chat conversations between the teacher and her pupil, reports the Göteborgs Tidning (GT) newspaper.

The woman, who has been fired from her job as a teacher, is also facing charges of professional misconduct for leaking the contents of an examination to the 16-year-old boy.

The teacher has denied that she is the woman depicted in photos sent to the boy’s phone, a claim contradicted by her colleagues and the school principal.

She also claimed it was not she but her pupil who had made sexual advances and that he and three other boys had bought her a leopardskin patterned bra, GT reports.

But the newspaper also publishes internet chat conversations that show the teacher asking the boy if he prefers “toilet sex or sofa sex”.

When asked by the boy whether she had ever experienced sex on asphalt, she replied in the affirmative but added that it was “damn hard on my back and knees”.