Alcohol locks for drunk driving offenders by 2010: minister

Motorists in Sweden convicted of drunken driving or suspected of being alcoholics may be forced to install alcohol locks on their vehicles starting in 2010.

Alcohol locks for drunk driving offenders by 2010: minister

The provision is included in legislation currently under preparation by the government and Transport Minister Åsa Torstensson wants the law to come into effect in January 2010, reports TV4 news.

“We know that one third of convicted drunken drivers are repeat offenders. Therefore efforts with alcohol locks are directed toward those who have already been convicted for driving under the influence. It’s a quick and effective way to reduce drunken driving on the roads,” Torstensson said to TV4.

The costs of the alcohol locks, which would be placed in vehicles for up to two years, would be partially subsidized by the state.

However, individual offenders would be required to pay the majority of the devices’ associated costs, which can run as high as 60,000 kronor ($7,400).

Doctors will also be given increased authority to report people who they believe ought to have an alcohol lock installed on their vehicle.

People who don’t agree with the decision could, in the end, have their drivers licences revoked.