No ban on mobile billboards for Stockholm strip clubs

Sweden’s parliament has chosen not to act to stop Stockholm-area strip clubs from driving mobile billboards around the streets of the country’s capital.

In October 2008, two Social Democratic members of the Riksdag introduced a motion that would have required permits for vehicles used to tow billboards through city streets.

“It’s degrading to continually be confronted with cars whose main purpose is to drive around Stockholm’s streets in the evenings – with naked women as the focal point – serving as advertisements for strip clubs,” wrote Sylvia Lindgren and Veronica Palm in their proposal.

“Motor-borne advertisements for strip clubs are definitely not in line with an egalitarian view of people. It’s a degrading view of women and sends the wrong signals, especially to children, young people, tourists, and others who find themselves in the public spaces of our streets and city squares.”

But the motion was rejected by the Riksdag on Thursday, according to the Dagens Media magazine, along with several other proposals addressing issues related to the media and advertising.

As a result, Stockholm’s strip clubs are free to continue sending trucks and trailers rolling down the city’s streets featuring scantily clad women in seductive poses in an attempt to lure customers to their clubs.

Other proposals also passed over by the Riksdag included one that would have removed regulations governing how much advertising can be broadcast on Sweden’s commercial television stations, as well as proposal that would have capped the amount of advertising to eight minutes per hour, reported Dagens Media.