Man butted by deer at Stockholm supermarket

A man was butted by an unexpected assailant while shopping at his local supermarket in a Stockholm suburb on Friday - a roebuck deer.

“I was caught unawares when the roebuck suddenly came at me,” Anders Östeberg said to Aftonbladet of his meeting with the deer at a Coop store in Liljeholmen in southern Stockholm.

It is thought that the deer sneaked into the building when the loading bay was left open in connection with a delivery.

The frightened deer ran into the store and Östberg was unfortunate to be in the rampaging animal’s path.

The deer butted Östberg on the arm, before a fellow customer managed to detain the wild animal in a strangle hold before escorting him from the store.

Luckily for Anders Östberg the deer had hide covering his otherwise razor sharp horns and he therefore managed to escape his close encounter with only minor bruising and an unusual story to tell his friends.