Snowmobilers’ deaths remain a mystery

Police in northern Sweden remain baffled over a couple found dead beside their snowmobile on Sunday on a lake outside of Kiruna.

“The circumstances surrounding the cause of death aren’t clear. There are no visible signs of injury on the two people. There are no suspicions of foul play,” said Norrbotten police spokesperson Anna-Lena Jonsson to the TT news agency.

The 63-year-old man and the 69-year-old woman were found lying dead beside their snowmobile on Vuolusjärvi lake, northeast of Kiruna.

They were found around 6pm on Sunday evening. The couple had been spotted by another passing snowmobile lying on the ice earlier in the day.

“The person thought they were sight fishing and kept going. A few hours later he passed by again and they were still lying there,” said Yngve Hansson of the Norrbotten police.

When the snowmobiler stopped to ask how the fishing was going he realized that something was wrong and called the police.

There are also no signs that the couple had had an accident.

“Police technicians are going to examine the scene as well as the path the snowmobile took there. Autopsies will also be performed on the two bodies during the week, which may give us some clarity about what happened,” said Jonsson.