Thieves take two-tonne carousel for a ride

Thieves take two-tonne carousel for a ride
Police in northern Sweden are on the lookout for an old-style funfair carousel that was stolen on Saturday from the roadside near Näsviken, 300 kilometres north Stockholm.

Owner Andreas Tynong, 32, was forced to leave the carousel by the roadside after accidentally backing his trailer into a ditch. By the time he returned later in the evening, the two-tonne fairground attraction was gone.

There were a couple of sightings of the carousel being towed by a golden brown Volvo V70 on roads further north near Ljusdal on Sunday afternoon.

For Tynong, the roundabout represents a labour of love. He constructed the frame and the base himself, completing the piece by buying up old coin-operated toys for small children, including a car, a helicopter, an elephant, a duck and a fire engine.

“That’s why the theft feels so personal,” he told The Local.

Tynong finished building the attraction in the spring of 2005 and has been taking it along to one-day markets in the area ever since.

“Ever since I was young I’ve had an interest in fairgrounds. Whenever I’d go to one with my parents I’d always get back home and build my own miniature fairgrounds with lego,” he said.

Realising that the show must go on, the jack of all trades — Tynong is a nurse, truck driver, musician and photographer — drove on to Näsviken with the rest of his two-piece fairground after leaving the carousel by the side of the road.

“I have a sort of ball game too. So I just had half my fairground that day,” he said.