Teacher taped young boy’s mouth shut

A pre-school teacher in Sweden has been reported to police for taping a six-year-old’s mouth shut after he refused to be quiet.

When the boy wouldn’t quiet down during a gathering of his classmates, the teacher took him out of the room.

“When they were in the kitchen the teacher asked him if he understood that he had done something wrong by not being quiet. He answered, ‘You be quiet yourself’ and it was then she put a piece of tape over his mouth,” the boy’s mother told the Helsingborgs Dagblad newspaper.

The boy’s parents reported the two pre-school teachers from Höganäs municipality in western Sweden involved in the incident to police.

For now, the police have classified the matter as assault, but because it involves a small, defenseless boy, it may be changed to serious assault, according to Christer Wingren, who is leading the police’s investigation.

The teachers contend the whole matter was a joke. The school, however, views the matter seriously and has called a meeting of everyone involved in the incident.