Glass turns up in restaurant chicken

Glass turns up in restaurant chicken
A man in Piteå in the far north of Sweden is the latest to find traces of glass in his chicken, while eating lunch at a local restaurant on Monday.

“Chicken stew with Panang curry, coconut milk and peanuts is one of my favourite dishes. When I had eaten up around a third of my meal I bit into something hard which felt like glass against my teeth,” the man said to local newspaper Piteå-Tidningen.

When the man spat out the mouthful he found two small pieces of glass.

The chicken was delivered frozen by a wholesaler to the Thai Garden restaurant in Piteå.

“We do not use Kronfågel’s chicken but I have to check which brand it is that we use. I do not really known what to say, there seems to be a problem with the chicken at a number of places,” the restaurant’s owner said.

In the past week reports of the discovery of glass in chicken products have been coming in from all corners of Sweden.

The scandal broke on March 20th with the first reports from consumers who had found pieces of glass in packages of frozen chicken from Kronfågel.

Despite a total recall of Kronfågel products by poultry producer Lantmännen, discoveries of glass in chicken products continued to emerge.

Glass has since been found in a package of Ivar’s frozen chicken in Umeå northern Sweden as a well as a package of fresh chicken sold in a Coop supermarket in Ystad in the far south of the country.