Clinton and Blair in Stockholm climate conference

Clinton and Blair in Stockholm climate conference
Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and Nobel prize-winner Wangari Maathai, met Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt in Stockholm on Wednesday to discuss the impact of the financial crisis on work to arrest climate change.

Blair, Clinton and Maathai were in Stockholm as guests of the Swedish lottery organizer PostkodLotteriet and participated in a "Climate Event" with the theme "Visions of a Low-Carbon World – Moving Forward in the Face of Financial Crisis."

"By giving Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Wangari Maathai a platform to present their message and therefore give the invited Swedish decision-makers the chance to see solutions, we want to show that climate change can be arrested," said Svenska PostkodLotteriet's CEO Niclas Kjellström-Matseke to the gathering in Stockholm City Hall.

"The reason why this is a good moment for us to act? As a result of the financial crisis there are economic stimulus packages totalling $2.8 trillion, $430 billion of this will be spent on clean energy," Tony Blair said in his presentation.

Blair underlined that the challenge faced is massive.

"It requires literally a revolution in the way we live as a consumer," he said.

Bill Clinton followed the same line and underlined that the popular will is there for change.

"We have to prove that this is not the province of the rich and it is not something that we have to sacrifice for," Clinton said, underlining the job creation potential of investing in clean energies.

Clinton praised Sweden for work to invest in renewable energy resources and cited the country as an example of harmonizing economic growth with a climate conscience.

Following the presentations by the invited dignitaries the evening was completed with a panel discussion together with Fredrik Reinfeldt and environment researcher Johan Rockström and led by Margot Wallström, the vice-chairperson of the EU Commission.

Watch Tony Blair addressing the conference:


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Watch Bill Clinton addressing the conference:


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Watch Wangari Maathai addressing the conference:


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