Celebrity preacher in copper-coloured revenge

Celebrity preacher in copper-coloured revenge
Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/Scanpix; Johan Nilsson/Scanpix
Norwegian celebrity evangelist Runar Sögaard displayed a keen sense of the Old Testament message "an eye for eye, a tooth for a tooth" when taking revenge on a Stockholm shopkeeper - he paid his debt in small change.

The wedding supplier in Stockholm incurred the wrath of Runar, best known in Sweden for being the ex-husband of Eurovision queen Carola Häggkvist, when the satin boxes supplied to the ex-preacher’s recent wedding were deemed unsatisfactory.

Sögaard and his new wife Jessica maintained that they were not obliged to pay anything as the boxes had split.

The boxes had cost a total of 6,600 kronor ($830) and the store was insisting that Sögaard paid his dues, reporting the outstanding debt to the enforcement service (Kronofogden).

The dispute took a twist last week when Sögaard and two of his friends visited the Stockholm store and paid their dues – in small change; 13,200 coins to be precise.

“It sounded like chains shaking, this is not the correct way to behave,” said the shopkeeper, Anna Thunell to the newspaper Expressen.

“I have never been so badly treated,” claimed Sögaard.

It seems that the unorthodox means of payment has not yet resolved the dispute as Anna Thunell had not yet been able to deposit the money and register the payment.

“The bags are too heavy,” Thunell told Expressen.