Little voter confidence in opposition policies: poll

Healthcare is the only policy area that the Social Democrats and their fellow opposition parties would handle better than the current centre-right Alliance government, a new poll shows.

The country’s employment and economic policies, by contrast, would likely become worse under a Social Democratic-led government, according to a new Sifo poll of 1,000 Swedish voters commissioned by Sveriges Television (SVT).

The drop in confidence in the Social Democrats has been dramatic. Last summer, 44 percent of voters believed the party and its opposition partners were best fit to manage the Swedish economy. Eight months later, the figure has dropped to 27 percent.

Confidence has even dropped in the Social Democrat’s ability to handle Sweden’s employment challenges.

Last August, a majority of Swedish voters believed the Social Democrats were the best party for securing jobs.

Now only one third of voters think the party has the best employment policies.

Nor do the figures improve when it comes to confidence in the opposition’s education policy, with only 32 percent indicating they think a Social Democratic-led government would do a better job than the current Moderate Party-led coalition.

The only policy area where the opposition parties have an advantage is healthcare, with 41 percent of voters preferring the policies of the centre-left alternative, versus 35 percent who prefer the policies of the current Alliance government.

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