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ISPs refuse to shut down Pirate Bay

TT/The Local · 18 Apr 2009, 12:15

Published: 18 Apr 2009 12:15 GMT+02:00

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Following yesterday's conviction of the four men connected with the popular file sharing site, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) is demanding that Pirate Bay website be shut down.

But Internet service providers (ISPs) refuse to cooperate, reports the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper.

Neither has the judgement slowed down file sharing. Several minutes after the Stockholm District Court delivered the verdict, almost ten billion files were being downloaded.

The ISPs maintain that the ruling doesn't apply to them.

"In part, this is not a legally binding decision, but above all, this is a judgement against Pirate Bay and nothing that effects any service provider. We will not take any action (to block) the contents if we are not compelled to do so," Patrik Hiselius, a lawyer at Telia Sonera, told Svenska Dagbladet.

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Bredbandsbolaget and Com Hem had the same reply. Jon Karlung, managing director of Bahnhofs, said the judgement does not change anything.

"We will not censor sites for our customers; that is not our job. I am against anything that contradicts the principle of a free and open Internet."

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

12:28 April 18, 2009 by dtes
hollywood has pumped our world full of war propaganda, religious crap and mindless consumerism, they have used their channels to normalize human rights abuses, rape , murder, war, power games and all the other sickness that weakens our society and creates a perceived need for the systems that be to come and save us from ourselves, hire more police, repossess and foreclose on our everything, steal every last necessity and sell it back to us. so in the long run what happens is more of our precious resources get funneled into the mouth of the fat scum at the top standing on all of our shoulders. the swedish court appears to have once again chosen its side and you can see it all through the daily news of what is going down in this neck of the woods. all governments are the same, and there will never be justice if its rationed to us by any such monster that can be described as "government".
12:28 April 18, 2009 by dtes
but before we can move on and live without the confines of such a slave state, we must learn to respect one another and live in a sustainable manor, hollywood is a hindrance to this because it is owned and operated by the powers that be, do away with hollywood and replace it with something wholesome is my solution.

i like pirate bay, not because of the crap movies it has on it, but because its dissolving the profitability of the propaganda machine and is providing a flexible means of info transfer and it supports freedom of information and a route around the censored mainstream channels of info distribution.

14:39 April 18, 2009 by wormingworm
Quite interesting. This is some kind of stupid argument about authority rights. These people are trying and are making there goal as a innovators in web thinking.

When you use internet and you pay for that you have to see the fact that someone needs to search for something.

There a lot of people which surf the net and they are looking for some files, but they haven't got money to bay let say some materials which are accessing.

This is stupid because ISPs wants to take money from customers and every customer has to got fun or to find something on the web.

If all stuff are restricted then what we will find on internet?

Maybe blink pages, with let say blue, white, red, green, yellow color and we have to pay for that because some stupid man arranged in some stupid organistation to authorize rights of property let say for colors.

In that case I think that all will be blind.
15:06 April 18, 2009 by usgepo
Content producers in general want stardom,celebrity status, make millions in endorsements, influence the world, and earn millions, we all do!

The world is changing, advertizing and propaganda is being feed to us every minute, product placement, in tv shows, movies, music videos,etc.

We are being secretelly profiled, by google, yahoo, facebook, my space, MSN, and many others, that data is being sold for billions;

The reason targetted adds, for the sucker consumers that we are; Well no more! Content should be free and the tab should be paid by the companies attempting to push their goods and the advertizing companies.

This is like prosecuting the postal service, there is a great deal of criminal activity via the post, however are they on trial here? they are a medium of communication nothing else, it is not up to the Post office nor service providers to police IPR infringements!
09:46 April 19, 2009 by RoyceD
For a long time the movie industry has been very successful mostly because of the limitations of technology. If you wanted to see a movie as soon as it was out and on a big screen you had to go to the movies, fair enough. But now, technology has superseded the old relic that is the movie industry model of old. Technology now allows for the immediate delivery of information in digital form right into our homes. But instead of embracing this amazing breakthrough, the old heads in the movie industry are trying to cling on to the past by demonizing progress.

There is no rule that says if you make movies you should make millions of dollars, that is just what use to happen. Times change, businesses change. Should we have outlawed electric trains to preserve the steam train industry? No I think not, and we should also not outlaw access to entertainment for the sake of a few dozen top execs who see their annual bonuses going the way of the steam train.
19:10 April 19, 2009 by Kind Man
Great job by ISPs!!!

ISPs should control governments activities LOL. They are the one who are into rocket,bombs plane weapon dealing.

And dont let a few selected pepole by our votes to mess up with our privacy.
11:34 April 20, 2009 by Snikk

Good job by the ISPs!

I also agree with what everyone says about damn Hollywood. They are always whining. They have an open mic and say what ever they want... and people listen, because it's "Hollywood" and the same damn stars.

Make movies... but don't pay the idiot actors multimillions. It doesn't make sense why they were getting these salaries in the first place.

I get sick of seeing the same faces.

Anyway... Hollywood has always thought they were so damn important. Why else would they air all of those really boring film award shows for all the public to see. Hollywood egos! When I received awards/bonuses from my employers... did anyone else care... nope!

I agree... get with the times. Hollywood had it's days. Just like other companies/industries come and go... cut back during hard times... well, it's time for Hollywood to think about it too. Blah Blah Blah...

I'm rooting for PB guys to have their verdicts overturned and life goes on at PB.
11:45 April 20, 2009 by Miss Kitten
Slightly off topic, but isn't it interesting how a couple hundred years ago, being in the acting profession was considered one of the most reprehensible things one could do? For women especially, being an actress was one minuscule step higher than being a whore.

And now they are paid millions of dollars and people actually listen to their opinions about politics and think they matter.
02:06 April 21, 2009 by thekittykat
I dare any of you to actually go into your local supermarket and walk out with stacks of DVD's or CD's and see if you don't get arrested. It's illegal folks.

The ISP's will get involved once legislation is passed that they can fine IP users for illegal downloads, once ad buyers top advertising on illegal sites. It's all coming to an end. And many small businesses are harmed. Not studios. Small indie filmmakers. How long would you work if you didn't get paid at your job? WAKE the F..k up.
06:32 April 21, 2009 by International Man of Leisure
Another one that's fallen for the industry propaganda, hook, line and sinker. Go google the difference between 'scarce goods' and 'inifinite goods'. Stealing from a store is in no way the same thing as copyright infringement.
17:30 April 21, 2009 by Miss Kitten
I'm afraid you're conflating file-sharing with theft. They're not the same and the industry knows they aren't the same.This whole "file-sharing is theft" argument is fallacious, but it's all part of their anti-piracy propaganda campaign.

What you described above would be theft. However, if I made a copy one of my DVDs and presented you with it, you certainly would not consider that to be theft. Hardly anybody would, apart from the copyright holder of course. Since I made a copy of my own DVD and didn't steal anything, the most they could do is to accuse me of copyright infringement. That's what filesharing is: copying and sharing. There's no theft involved.
19:14 April 21, 2009 by Bender B Rodriquez
Wow, you win for the most incoherent post of the day.
11:39 April 22, 2009 by Sexton
Become invisible try I2P http://www.i2p2.de/
00:12 April 25, 2009 by Dagem Hailemariam
Best part of the article:

"We will not censor sites for our customers; that is not our job. I am against anything that contradicts the principle of a free and open Internet."

I download and I will not make myself invisible!

DeadHead for life! Share the Music, Share the love :-D
00:23 April 25, 2009 by Dagem Hailemariam
To thekittykat:

I dig what you are saying and you are right small businesses should not get affected...but to be honest I doubt they are...and even if they are, come on should a movie that takes at most a year to make be earning millions of dollars. Are the crew and cast deserving of all that money for the type of work that they are doing. My answer is NO! Enough with Actors thinking that they are entitled to Millions of dollars for 6 months worth of work as well as studio heads.

The world has enough people suffering in it that I have no sympathy for them...I definately have no empathy. Enough is enough! Poor little Millionaires, sad because they might have to sell their mansions and move into regular homes :'-(

Enough Money and time has been wasted on this issue...couldn't it be better spent on the poor people of the world?
00:26 April 25, 2009 by Dagem Hailemariam
PS: You should WAKE the F..K UP!!

Pirate for life! Share the Music, Share the Love :-D
01:23 April 25, 2009 by Hakanry
Glad to hear the IPS's are going to stand up to the injustice.
01:18 April 27, 2009 by pbutterfly
Here's how small businesses get affected by torrents:

Let's say a low-budget indie film takes anywhere from $100,000 to $1 million to make. Most of that money goes not to actors and producers, but to film stock, labs, insurance, equipment, locations, etc. If the movie is extremely successful on the festival circuit the movie might get picked up by a small distributor, but will usually get no or a very small advance.

The DVD is released, and on the same day that it hits stores, it becomes available as a Torrent. An indie film is considered very successful if it can sell 15,000 units in the first few months after its release, but that same indie film will be downloaded maybe 150,000 times in the same period of time. Depending on what kind of deal the filmmaker has from investors (usually the filmmaker makes nothing until the investors are paid back), the filmmaker and actors will make anything from a basic very low salary for shooting and editing the film, to a big ZERO.
01:19 April 27, 2009 by pbutterfly
stores, it becomes available as a Torrent. An indie film is considered very successful if it can sell 15,000 units in the first few months after its release, but that same indie film will be downloaded maybe 150,000 times in the same period of time. Depending on what kind of deal the filmmaker has from investors (usually the filmmaker and actors make nothing until the investors are paid back), the filmmaker and actors will make anything from a basic very low salary for shooting and editing the film, to a big ZERO.
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