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Sweden joins UN racism conference walkout

Peter Vinthagen Simpson · 21 Apr 2009, 07:52

Published: 21 Apr 2009 07:52 GMT+02:00

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In his speech Ahmadinejad accused Israel of racism, of imposing repression in the Palestinian territories, and described the recent Gaza bombings as genocide.

"They sent emigrants from Europe and the USA with the purpose of establishing a racist state in occupied Palestine," said the Iranian president, who was the first to speak at the conference.

He also accused the United Nations Security Council of supporting Israel's "racist genocidal regime" for the past 60 years.

At this point Swedish delegates joined all those attending from the EU countries in walking out in protest at the remarks.

The delegates then returned to the conference to hear a speech by Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr, in which he condemned President Ahmadinejad's remarks.

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt wrote in his blog, "Alla Dessa Dagar", on Tuesday that despite the Iranian president's comments there is "strong support for the line of active engagement chosen by the great majority of EU countries."

The build up to the conference has been marred by controversy and many countries, including the US and the Czech Republic, which currently holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, have elected not to take part.

The Local reported last week that although Sweden had decided to participate in the conference, the country would not be sending any ministerial representation.

The pre-conference protests were grounded in fears that the UN conference would descend into chaos like its predecessor, in Durban in 2001.

The differences of opinion between countries grouped crudely into "east and west" have concerned issues such as freedom of expression, religious freedom, the Holocaust and colonialism.

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Nevertheless a document has been framed and according to the Swedish integration minister Nyamko Sabuni, the negotiations were considered successful by the conference.

The framework document was in the last minute cut from 45 to 17 pages and all mentions of Israel and the Middle East were removed. The document's main purpose is to underline support for the Durban declaration signed in 2001.

Among the countries which have boycotted the conference include the USA, Germany, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Poland, Australia and Israel.

Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:53 April 21, 2009 by Staffs
But clearly Israel is a racist regime, it cannot possibly be denied by any rational person.
11:08 April 21, 2009 by peropaco
But clearly 99% of terrorist are muslims. It cannot be possibly denied by any rational person
11:19 April 21, 2009 by Iraniboy
After Lebanon and Gaza war and systematic killing of kids and UN bases in Palestine and Lebanon, there should be someone to tell us why Israel is not a racist state. If all walkout or just keep quiet it shows they have nothing to say against it.

Sorry Peopaco but 99% of those who raped their daughters for decades where non-Muslims. (Austrian/Italian/Indian,...) Does it mean that all non-Muslims rape their daughters? There are Muslims who happened to be terrorist but we have 1 billion Muslims who are not!
11:29 April 21, 2009 by hannhanna
Israel is not a racist regime. It is only natural for the government to do what is to the best interest of the state and its people. All the Israeli government does is protect its people from perpetrators and anti peace elements. This is an issue of national security and self defense. The fact that it defends its people and territories does by no means put it under the catagory of a racist regime.
14:57 April 21, 2009 by truth
if people think 99% muslims are terrorist then i think they dont know history and have no critical eye, terrorist activities started from 1995 approx.

every one say that Al-Qaida are the terrorist, i also admit, bt this same Al-Qaida and Osama was the friend of Bush and USA and this same group has destroyed Sovit union. Now the friend becomes enemy.

The biggest terrorist activity was 911, and it is proved that 911 was offically created, 911 is also one of the lie or drama that bush admsitration have made to go get the oil of iraq, so america is playing against all terroriest activity.

Regarding Israeal they are racist or not, the main thing is this that have hijacked the palastine land and now killing, what kind of policies they have adopted, so if this is okey then russia has recently attacked on georgia and whole world says that russia did wrong, so if your friend is doing something wrong then you say ok ok do it and if some another is doing then you criticize it...
14:59 April 21, 2009 by truth
there are 935 lies are offically reported in bush government, 911 is also one of the lie or drama that bush admsitration have made, so america is playing against all terroriest activity.

Regarding Israeal they are racist or not, the main thing is this that have hijacked the palastine land and now killing, what kind of policies they have adopted, so if this is okey then russia has recently attacked on georgia and whole world says that russia did wrong, even in my eyes the case is same...so if your friend is doing somthing wrong then you say ok ok do it and if some another is doing then you criticize it...
15:46 April 21, 2009 by kaze
Israel is really really not a racist regime at all.

The people who live in it is a different matter (hardly surprising given their situation) but the regime itself? Very accepting of the non-jewish parts of its population.
19:59 April 21, 2009 by ConnieLeePortman
A test of the enemies of Israel.

"Egyptian Cleric: "It's our duty to hate the Jews as part of our faith"


"The Jews Are Our Enemies Because They Are Infidels"


"We must believe that our fighting with the Jews is eternal."

20:42 April 21, 2009 by Eurostan
we see in the world where there are muslims there is a problem whether it is malmo in sweden or bali in indonesia or chechenya in russia or many middle east countries there is a lot of proof. 99 percent of terrorists and honour killings related to muslim people.
21:22 April 21, 2009 by Iraniboy
I agree Eurostan.

We see in the world that 99% of those who rape their daughters are non-Muslims(Austria,...). We see in the world that 100% of those who killed people with Nuclear weapons are non-Muslims. 90% of those who slaughter people in Iraq and Afghanistan are non-Muslims.

People like you should grow up to see that terrorism, brutality, racism has nothing to do being Muslim/non-Muslims. We all have criminals and psycos. They can Muslim in Malmo or non-Muslim in US or Austria...
22:28 April 21, 2009 by ConnieLeePortman

There are much more rapists in the Islamic world

the big difference is that in the Islamic world it's permitted to rape your daughter or your wife (Afghanistan, Iran) while in the western world we catch them and sent them to jeil!

One more thing.

Most of the people who slaughter in Iraq and Afghanistan were slaughtered by radical Muslims!

Muslim/Islam = Terrorism!
22:35 April 21, 2009 by Streja
iraniboy, there is no use arguing with people like that.

I don't agree with israel's actions in palestine, but I don't think it will ever be solved if both sides use weapons instead of talks.
23:07 April 21, 2009 by zaidmakram
I think the one who has started terrorizing and killing people are USA and Israel and the people who blindly followed them, and every action has a reaction, so some of the Muslims(who i think they are wrong and terrorist) thought the reaction of killing the Muslims is to kill other people and this theories not acceptable in Islam.

the problem I think is that there are people who are making this up and arranging everything like the USA government and Israel which is their aim to dominate their power and to take the advantage they want from the Islamic countries(oil). if every Muslim, Christian concentrate on the similarities between their religions, they will be friends for ever but the problem is that there are many evils(USA and Israel governments) who make them concentrates on the differences which are very little.
00:35 April 22, 2009 by thesevensky
If any person from West (or any non Muslim state) commits any crime or any terrorist activity then he is never know by a Christian, Hindu or Jewish terrorist.

On the other hand if the same crime is committed by any Muslim then instead, his religion is blamed for his action which indeed has nothing to do with one´s personal act.
03:20 April 22, 2009 by glamshek
Who says Al-Qaeda is not a terrorist. But unfortunately they r using the name of Islam. But I have one question. Taliban and Al-Qaeda as known to us by CNN and BBC, are only a small group of irrational and outlandish militants. What about the so-called very huge group of cultured and educated UN, Israel, US and Europe who have been collectively sowing the seeds of discord since World War 2? Are they excluded from the list of terrorists? Who elected Bush? American People. Who elects Ehud Barak? Netanyahu. Who was Hitler? Was he Muslim? Who was Saddam Hussain? A blemish on the name of America. US and Saddam and Al-Qaeda and Israel are the same. Did US not support Saddam in its war against Iran? Did US not support Al-Qaeda and Taliban to bring down Soviet Union? Can anyone answer these questions with honesty?

What is Israel doing these days? Palestinians are being butchered like nonentities. If Hitler was responsible for Holocaust then Germany and EU should pay for it, not Palestine. But it seems that like 9/11, this holocaust is also a fabricated story to suppress the weak and oppressed.
09:07 April 22, 2009 by Iraniboy

In the Islamic world it's permitted to rape your daughter or your wife (Afghanistan, Iran) while in the western world we catch them and sent them to jeil!

I dare you to prove this vile accusation. Funny how you're familiar with Islamic rules more than Muslims themselves!!!

Is it really hard for you grasp?

Raping your daughter is not a accepted thing among non-Muslims as terrorism is not accepted among Muslims. But there criminals among both groups who commit them.
09:47 April 22, 2009 by ConnieLeePortman
Child marriage(RAPE) IS 100% SUPPORTED BY ISLAM

13:00 April 22, 2009 by jaguar
watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E3oIbO0AWE

and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dmPchuXIXQ

and read books and spend time to know abt Islam or better stay quite
19:00 April 22, 2009 by Stuck in Sweden
My father is a Kurd from Iranian Kurdistan and I can attest first hand that the Iranian regime is a racist regime. You can see it first hand by just going to the provinces of Kurdistan, or provinces where Turkiman's, Azaris, Baluchis, and Arabs live. This regime executes gays for just being born gay, it terrorizes the Bahais for practicing their religion. Women have no rights. In their court of law a woman's testimony is valued half as much as mens.

It is ironic that Iran and their moronic president have the audacity of accusing Israel of being a racist state and claiming that Israel is nothing but bunch of European settling in Palestine. How does he explain 3.5million Jews of Israel who escaped the persecutions of the Arab and Iranian regimes. It was only few years ago that the Israeli defense minister was born in Iran.

I just hate the hypocrisy of the Iranian regime.
20:21 April 22, 2009 by glamshek
THe countries that lay tall claims to equality and human rights should first Look into their own matters rather than accuse others. I a m in sweden and I say that there is a huge Racism in here. If you wanna see it just attend Highly educated gathering in any university where international students study. Not to mention the low educated random Swedish souls.

As long as Iran is considered, If you are saying a gay can be prosecuted, well I think If you drive while yu r drun, its high chance that you amke an accident. So if you r roaming as a gay on the roads, you are actually trying to export this bashful behaviour to others openly in the society, that's why it should be banned. Don't you think that AIDS is one consequebce of Illegal sex? Do you think AIDS lets you live? And what if you infect someone else in the society. This is the problem why Islam is against such bashful behaviours. But make no mistake, if you are not ostensible in doing sex then you have a chance to live in Islamic society. Because Islam needs 4 reliable witnesse to prove the Sex guilt. So it is difficult to get 4 witnesses first. How can you be prosecuted? YOu are prosecuted only when witnesses are there and it means you have tried to spread the promiscuity openly.
21:50 April 22, 2009 by Kind Man
Israel is terrorist Country and Bush was also terrorist by supporting israel and converting many Muslims to become Alqeada member.

Israel, America and Britain are Mother of Terrorist. they generate terrorist by their wrong doing in everywhere.and when President Ahmady Nejat says the truth, it is hurts and truth always hurts.

I love Norway Sweden they are peaceful Countries.
07:47 April 24, 2009 by Peanuts
I feel ultimately ashamed that Sweden had anything to do with the walkout on the UN conference on Racism, if Sweden boycotted the conference, then who was there to take cradit for walking out? Juvenile.
16:58 April 24, 2009 by D-Brand
As an Israeli born, i wonder how short can be the memory of people.

The hate to Israel is just a cover to the hate of the Jews.

Same day to the speech of the Ahmadinejad, we have remembered the 6 million victims who were murdered by the Germans and collaborators' hate.

Since the 1947 when the UN resolution declared that in Palestine will be the home land for Jews, there was no single day that the Arabs did not try to liquidate us.

Everybody keeps forgetting that the war in Gaza was as result to 8 years our towns and villages were targeted by the Hammas.

As long it is Jewish blood it is accepted.

As long school buses and resturants being blown up by suicide bombers it is fine with the world.

We'll let me tell you, no more.

One day of the oil income of the Arabian countries could solve the Palestinian problem but instead they supply them with weapons.
17:08 April 24, 2009 by D-Brand
People say that the Jews should leave Israel and go back to Europe where they belong.

Well, the "European hospitality" during WW2 cost us more than 6 Million casualties.

My parents survived 6 years in the death camps, they were handed over to the German by the Polish.

All their family 12 people were slaughtered.

Despite that they came to their home land and built a country, a democracy which was attacked over and over by the "poor Arabs" who still trying to liquidate us.

Is Hitler tried and failed, the Iranian monkey is a piece of cake.
17:17 April 24, 2009 by D-Brand
While the western European countries with their solidarity mention all the time the 600 thousand Palestinian refugees of 1948, no one mention the 1.2 million Jews expelled from the Arabian countries in 1947-8, They could not take any asset with them or money.

part of them were victims to Pogroms and there is no a single voice speaking that they deserve to go back to their houses or to get any compensation from the Arabian governments. Most of them immigrated to Israel and stared a new life in a country which was under war.

Where is the Arabian Solidarity helping their own brothers? Why did they leave the refugees in camps for more than 60 years ? The only support was the hate to Israel and the Jews and supporting with weapons.
17:20 April 24, 2009 by D-Brand
Would like the people of Sweden to understand:

If the Palestinians, the Hammas and Hizbullah will lay down their weapons their will be peace.

If Israel will lay down their weapons their will be no Israel.

Think about it before you take a side.
23:04 April 24, 2009 by Iraq->il
It was a good decision for the Swedish and EU delegates to walk out of the UN World Conference and to leave Iran's leader with his Islamic friends and apathetic level-2 diplomats.

Let's ignore Ahmadinejad's speech since he is a poor, degenerate and a racist leader – such a leader can exist only in totalitarian countries (like Iran, Muslim counties and others).

My main surprise is about the Arab and Islamic countries that play the "innocent, helpless, powerless, tiny David (more than I Billion of Muslims), against the MIGHTY Israel (4million Jews)".

The Islamic countries that afraid from their current bad situation in all aspects of life, provide the United Nations Security Council and the EU countries, unreliable sources against Israel.

Not only Israel but also American and European solders in Afghanistan, Pakistan Iraq, and those in India (even SE police in Malmo) are fighting against the extreme Islamic terrorism – ARE THEY ALL RACIST GENOCIDAL REGIMES?
16:55 June 27, 2010 by xykat
I have heard from people who have been to Israel, my Swedish boyfriend included (I.m American) that there are two different classes in Israel. If your not Israeli you don't have much chances to work your way up in the society. I have heard if you happen to be black in Israel its even worse.

I do believe that there are serious Jewish racists in Israel who somehow see themselves as superior and more like gods people then their brothers, the Palestinians.

Europe feels somehow that it always has to be on Israels side because of what happened during World War II, we Americans often feel we have to back them up but this quilt allows Israel to do whatever it wants with Palestinians and Arabs. This is not right!

I wish people could just live together with different religions and views. I know its possible I have seen it happen in America and Sweden.

But I do thing Israel needs to be held accountable for what it does to people who are not Israeli.
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