Swedish pastor accused in sex chat scandal

A Swedish pastor has been reported to church authorities for harassing a young man on a internet chat and dating site.

The pastor is also alleged to have sent graphic pictures of his sexual organ.

The young man writes in a letter to the Lund diocese of the Church of Sweden, that the pastor sought contact with him via an internet chat and dating website.

The man describes how he joined the website “for both homo, bi and heterosexuals…as a first step out of the closet,” after having been released from his military service in November 2008.

“I was in a bad state after having been discharged. I was happy when he contacted me, and thought that now I finally have someone I can talk to. A pastor!”, the man wrote.

However the man claimed that the pastor soon made a series of lewd, sexual suggestions and attacks.

“He gave me his name and telephone number despite that fact that I said from the beginning that I did not want anything sexual and just wanted to chat as I felt terrible.

“He wanted me to come visit, and ‘cozy up’, with him in his apartment.”

When the man accused the pastor of acting in a way unbecoming of his position, the pastor allegedly become angry and replied:

“Then you have a narrow view of pastors.”

When the man tried to end their chat in a friendly manner, the pastor is alleged to have then sent a graphic picture of his sexual organs.

The young man claims in his letter that he has since then come into contact with several other members of the chat website that confirm a similar approach from the pastor.

“I just wonder how many others he has harassed,” the young man decried.

Attempts by The Local to contact the Church of Sweden for a comment on Tuesday were unsuccessful.

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