Playboy poser charged for defrauding Swedish men

A 31-year-old Swedish woman claiming to be a Playboy model in need of money has been charged with fraud after convincing several men to lend her sizeable sums for fictional emergencies.

Using a picture of famed Playboy playmate Cori Nadine, the 31-year-old Swede made contact with men on the internet claiming to be a model herself, according to the Aftonbladet newspaper

The fake Playboy model then told her victims fanciful stories of financial hardship, urging the men to send her money to cover unforeseen expenses.

In one ploy, she told her victims about a fictional daughter who was suffering from leukemia and close to death.

Her heart-wrenching tale prompted the men to send her thousands of kronor to assist with treatment.

One man even took out a loan in order to help with the fictional daughter’s plight, being told he would be repaid with money from the modeling work.

Altogether, the 31-year-old woman, who has a prior conviction for fraud, managed to extract over 500,000 kronor ($57,800) from her unwitting victims.

She stands charged with several counts of fraud, driving without a licence, and providing false signatures.

While she admits she received money from the men, she claims that accepting loans from individuals isn’t a criminal act.

The Borås District Court is expected to rule on the matter on April 30th.

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