Swedish artist sees statue cut down to size

Southern Swedish artist Nils Rickard was shocked to find that his 20 kilo stone sculpture of the male reproductive organ had been broken in two when he went to collect it from an exhibition at a Kristianstad hotel.

Rickard said he was horrified when the stone penis came apart in his hands as the Easter exhibition drew to a close.

“The penis is just a part of the human body. Over the years I’ve done everything from hands, to arms to feet. But this is our biggest tool: the source of all reproduction,” Rickard told The Local.

Although he cannot prove that the sculpture was vandalized, Rickard said his artwork had been tucked away in a corner, making it unlikely for somebody to accidentally tip it over.

The artist stressed that he viewed the male organ as a symbol of reproduction, pleasure and love.

“We’ve been using it for thousands of years. I don’t understand how a phallus can be such a source of irritation,” said Rickard.

After some deliberation, the sculptor has decided not to report the matter to the police. Instead he plans to re-exhibit the broken penis as a work in two parts, with the erect upper half tucking in beside the sturdy base.

An adjacent brass plaque will bear the title of the reworked piece: “The Catastrophe in Kristianstad 2009”.

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