Thirsty Swede jailed over snot attack

A Swede has been jailed for attacking a cashier at a branch of a state monopoly alcohol retailer, Systembolaget, on the Baltic island of Öland.

The 32-year-old man was sentenced to four months imprisonment on Friday by the court in Borgholm, on Öland, an island off the coast of south-eastern Sweden.

The man went on trial for threatening behaviour and harassment following the incident at the local Systembolaget store in September 2008, local newspaper Barometern reports.

The thirsty Swede visited the branch with the intention of buying half a dozen bottles of cider only to discover at the cash desk that he had no means in his wallet with which to fund his purchase.

As the cashier began to collect back in the bottles, the man put his finger to his nostril, blew hard and showered the hapless shop assistant with the contents of his nasal passage.

The attack left the cashier wiping the disgruntled drinker’s mucus from her chin. It has now given her assailant a period behind bars to reflect on the error of his aim.

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