What’s on in Sweden: May 1 – 7

What's on in Sweden: May 1 - 7
What's on in Sweden: American Football & Labour Day parade in Stockholm; Terence Blanchard in Gothenburg; International Noise Conspiracy in Malmö


Labour Day parade

Before the dawn of the blogosphere, May 1st was the day when the common people could get their voice heard.

These days there are all manner of, presumably more efficient, channels. The tradition marches on however and has taken on something of a carnival atmosphere.

If the day is warm then Slussen would be a good choice to watch the hammer and sickles wave past.

Price: A rendition of The Internationale

Time: Friday May 1st from 1pm

Location: Humlegården, Norrabantorget, Slussen, Medborgaplatsen depending on your party colour.

João Bosco (Br)

One of Brazil’s foremost live artists, João Bosco, is known for his fusion of Arab culture, Afro-American music and Brazilian-style bossanova, drawing influences from American jazz.

He arrives in Stockholm with his four-piece band and is playing at the one of the city’s oldest and more genuine jazz establishments – Mosebacke Etablissement.

Price: 260 kronor

Time: Sunday May 3rd, 7.30pm

Tickets: Mosebacke tickets

Location: Mosebacke Etablissement, Mosebacke torg 3

More information: João Bosco

Gridiron – Djurgårdens IF vs Carlstad Crusaders

The Swedish American Football season gets off with a…well it starts this weekend in Stockholm and at selected other locations around the country.

Djurgårdens IF get the season started when they take their bow in the Super Series against the Carlstad Crusaders at Östermalms IP.

Time: May 1st, 7pm

Location: Östermalms IP, Fiskartorpsvägen 2

More information: Super Series Football

Bounce – “Caution!”

Street dance troupe Bounce was formed in late 1997 by some of the best street dancers in Sweden who got together to explore the different dance styles of popping, locking, boogaloo and new school.

Their success in the 12 years hence has been meteoric. “Caution!” has been recommended here before but with the show running into its last month it worth another mention.

Don’t miss this world class act – you don’t have to wear your cap backwards to appreciate their skill.

Price: 350 kronor (250 kronor concessions)

Time: Until Saturday May 30th, 8pm & 4pm (Saturdays)

Tickets: Bounce Tickets

Location: Orion Teatern, Katarina Bangata 77

More information: Orion Teatern


Man Irani Hastam – The many faces of Iran

Swedish photographer Carl Åkesson spent two months travelling through Iran and discovered the country’s many faces.

He captured photographs of all ages, classes and social groups and this exhibition shows “the diversity of the Iranian people which you might not see in the news”.

Price: Free entry

Time: Until May 2nd, 6pm – 10pm

Location: House of Win-Win, Tredje Långatan 13B.

More information: Galleri Win-Win

Spring dash – Women only

The amateur (ish) running season gets started in 17 cities across Sweden this weekend with the jovial “Vår Ruset” (Spring dash).

Over five kilometres, the event is for women only and is less a competition and more a “jogging, running, trotting party for all ages”, and an inspiration to begin shedding that winter lethargy.

The first dash is in Malmö on May 4th moving up to Halmstad on May 5th and Gothenburg on May 6th.

Price: 180 kronor

Time: Wednesday May 6th, 7pm

Location: Start and finish at Björngårdsvillan, Slottsskogen. The course runs through the magical Slottsskogen

More information: Gothenburg Spring Dash

Terence Blanchard (US)

New Orleans jazz legend Terence Blanchard plays in Gothenburg on Friday at legendary venue Nefertiti.

Blanchard was a long time playing partner with Wynton Marsalis and has worked with Spike Lee on films such as “Malcolm X”, “Summer of Sam” and “Jungle Fever”.

He has gained two Grammy nominations for his album “Flow” from 2005, produced by Herbie Hancock.

Price: 220 kronor

Time: Friday May 1st, 7.30pm

Tickets: Terence Blanchard Tickets

Location: Nefertiti, Hvitfeldtsplatsen 6

More information: Liseberg

Expectations – English speaking theatre

GEST, the Gothenburg English Speaking Theatre, and their new production Expectations continues at Teater Trixter in Gothenburg this week.

“Expectations is the story of two couples, one English and one Swedish, both preparing for the birth of their child but things don’t turn out the way they had imagined.” The play is written by Kristina Brändén Whitaker and directed by Gary Whitaker.

GEST is a contemporary theatre company that employs professional actors from England and Sweden.

Price: 130 kronor

Time: May 4th, 5th, 6th, 2pm & 7pm; May 8th, 7pm

Tickets: GEST Tickets

Location: Teater Trixter, Andréegatan 13

More information: GEST


International Noise Conspiracy

The International Noise Conspiracy are an established Swedish punk rock band from Umeå known as much for their politics – described as a cross between Che Guevara and Elvis Presley – as they are for their music – described as punk rock, garage rock, Rock n’ Roll.

They were the first band to play at Debaser Malmö so it should be quite an evening of jollity and celebration at the now established Malmö club.

Price: 110 kronor

Time: Thursday May 7th, 7pm

Tickets: International Noise Conspiracy Tickets

Location: Debaser, Norra Parkgatan 2

More information: Debaser

Noah Lyon – “Look at All Your Stuff”

The artwork of Noah Lyon is energetic, visceral and direct.

A Picasso spirit lives in Lyon’s work which addresses subjects from popular culture, news, contemporary images, international politics and Armageddon prophecies.

His drawings offer a unique realism through an honest and poetic melee of personal reasoning and experience, combined with an absurdist celebration of American socio-political dysfunction.

Price: Free entry

Time: Until May 25th. Tue – Fri 12pm – 5pm. Sat 12pm – 4pm

Location: Galleri Thomas Wallner, Adelgatan 5

More Information: Galleri Thomas Wallner

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